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If you are charged with a traffic offence, it can have a severe and immediate impact on your life and well-being.

Special Hardship Orders

In cases where your licence has been cancelled due to an accumulation of demerit points, but you need to keep driving to maintain your livelihood or avoid hardship, you may be eligible to apply for a special hardship order. The timing of your application is crucial, as you must file it in the Court within 21 days of your licence being suspended. Once granted, Special Hardship Orders allow you to continue driving under specific and restricted conditions related to your employment. If you would like to find out more about your eligibility to apply for a Special Hardship Order.

Restricted Licence Applications

If you are convicted of a drink driving offence, you may be eligible to apply for a Restricted License (also known as a “work” licence). The timing of your application is important – you will need to submit your application to the Magistrate immediately after you have been found guilty, but before your licence is disqualified. Eligibility is based on whether you are a fit and proper person (your traffic history will tell that story) and whether you need a driver’s licence to earn a living (you will need to demonstrate that your loss of licence will result in the loss of your job, which will cause you, or your family extreme hardship). If you would like to find out more about your eligibility to apply for a Restricted Licence Application

Drink Driving

If you are charged with a drink driving offence in Queensland, you will need to attend Court. Drink driving is a serious offence and penalties can range from a fine and disqualification to a term of imprisonment. The severity of your penalty will depend on your blood/breath alcohol concentration (more commonly known as “BAC”) and your traffic history. Provided your BAC is under .15%, you may be eligible to apply for a Restricted Licence. Otherwise, it is crucial that you have experienced legal representation in Court to secure the best possible outcome. If you have been charged with drink driving.

Unlicenced & Disqualified Driving

If you drive a motor vehicle in Queensland without a licence or whilst you have been disqualified from holding a driver’s licence you will be disqualified for of period of no less than 1 month, in the case of unlicenced driving, and no less than 2 years, in the case of disqualified driving. The penalties also include fines and even periods of imprisonment. It is important that you are prepared for your appearance in Court and aware of your legal options. If you have been charged with unlicensed or disqualified driving.

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