Grants of Probate &
Letters of Administration QLD

Grants of Probate

The purpose of the Will is to give your Executor the written legal authority to distribute your estate assets after your death. Now and then, that legal authority is not enough – it may be necessary to apply to the Supreme Court of Queensland for a grant of probate. A grant of probate can be required to transfer real estate interests from one person to another, or if financial institutions are holding too much money in a bank account. A grant of probate is a legal process that validates a Will. Once issued, the grant “proves” the Will and provides the Executors with the authority to carry out a Will maker’s wishes.

Letters of Administration

Applying for letters of administration is a very similar process to a grant of probate but is used when a person dies without a Will. This is called dying “intestate”. In the absence of a Will appointing an Executor, you will need to demonstrate you are the most suitable person to make an application for letters of administration – i.e., a spouse, child, or closest relative/friend if there are no surviving spouses or children. Once granted, the letters of administration give the administrator the power to deal with the estate assets in the same way a grant of probate, or Will does.

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