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When you’re going through a separation or divorce in Queensland and making decisions about time with children, the best interests of your child(ren) are paramount. Parenting agreements, orders, and plans can help separated parents navigate the challenges of raising children. Written, detailed documents can also offer clarity on expectations and responsibilities with childcare arrangements. Parenting agreements lawyers provide you with understanding, empathy, and compassion while also giving you strategic and pragmatic advice to guide you in the decisions you make towards achieving the best outcome for you and your family.

At The Legal House, we guide families through the intricate landscape of family law in Queensland. Our team of dedicated family lawyers brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in parenting after separation. From drafting detailed parenting plans and orders to advocating on your behalf in Court for time with your child/ren, our goal is to provide a robust, supportive legal experience.

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Drafting Parenting Plans/Agreements and Orders

Our family law team assists parents every day in the complex area of parenting orders and time arrangements with children. We can advise on and help you to expedite parenting arrangements that focus on your children’s best interests.

At The Legal House, our lawyers draft legally binding documents that encompass arrangements around:

  • How many nights in the home of each parent?
  • The child/children’s name
  • Who will make decisions about major issues such as religion, schooling etc.?
  • How will parents communicate?
  • What happens when the child/children get sick?
  • Birthdays, Christmas, overseas travel arrangements, and holidays


Parenting plans are informal, written parenting agreements.  They are not legally binding but have the potential to be legally enforceable if they are formalised into consent orders. Parenting orders, on the other hand, are legally binding and issued by the Court, setting out each parents’ obligations in relation to child care and parenting arrangements.

At The Legal House, our skilled parenting agreement lawyers will offer advice and guidance tailored to your unique family situation. We are committed to identifying and recommending options that align with the needs and best interests of both parents and children, and meticulously drafting the necessary legal documentation to support these arrangements.

Parenting plans

A parenting plan is a written, but not legally binding document that sets out the parenting arrangements for the child/children, including the time they spend with each parent. It can also describe the dispute resolution process in case of disagreements.

Some matters addressed by the parenting plan include:

  • The allocation of parental responsibility
  • Time arrangements between the child/children and parents
  • The care, welfare, and development of a child/children

In Queensland, while a parenting plan is not legally enforceable, it is still taken seriously by Courts in the event of a dispute or future legal proceedings. It reflects the parents’ commitment to the best interests of their child and can be a stepping stone to more formal arrangements, like consent orders, if needed. Family lawyers play a crucial role in advising and assisting in the formulation of comprehensive parenting plans, ensuring that all necessary aspects of the plan align with Queensland’s legal standards and family law principles.

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Parenting orders

Parenting orders are a vital component in formalising arrangements for children post-separation. When parents mutually agree on aspects such as time spent with children, decision-making, and other key responsibilities, The Legal House can draft a legally binding document called consent orders. This document is then submitted to the Court, transforming the agreed terms into enforceable commitments.

In situations where agreement is not reached, the matter may proceed to Court. A judge will then take on the responsibility of deciding the arrangements that best serve the child’s interests. This decision is based on a thorough examination of all evidence and testimonies presented. Whether arrived at through mutual agreement or Court decision, these parenting orders are legally binding. Non-compliance with these orders can result in significant legal repercussions, as the Court has the authority to impose penalties for any contravention.

Our role at The Legal House is to guide you through this process, ensuring that all legal documents accurately reflect the agreed terms and comply with the law. We aim to prioritise the well-being of your children and uphold the legal standards of family law in Australia.

Trusted Child Custody Lawyer

In Queensland, a child custody lawyer navigates the complexities of custody arrangements within the framework of the Family Law Act 1975, prioritising the child’s best interests. They assist parents in understanding and negotiating shared parental responsibilities, living arrangements, and the creation of parenting plans or consent orders. When parents can’t agree, it is important to participate in family dispute resolution or our lawyers will advocate on your behalf in Court for parenting orders.  

At The Legal House, we understand the sensitivity and complexity surrounding custody matters. Our experienced lawyers are adept at guiding parents through the process of negotiating time arrangements. Whether these discussions lead to a mutual agreement or require mediation and, if necessary, Court intervention, our team is committed to providing expert legal support and advice every step of the way.

The best interests of your child/children

The primary consideration in children’s disputes is meeting the best interests of your child/children. Our family lawyers will always have regard for the children’s best interests while advising you on the most appropriate parenting arrangement for you and your family.

We need to consider the following factors when considering the children or child’s best interest:

  • The benefit to the child/children having a meaningful relationship with both the parents.
  • The attitude to the child and to the responsibilities of parenthood, demonstrated by each of the parents.
  • The need to protect the child/ children from physical and/or psychological harm from being subjected to family violence.
  • The views expressed by the child/ children (depending on their maturity and age)
  • The willingness of the parents to encourage a relationship between the child/children and other parent.


By choosing The Legal House, you choose a law firm experienced in drafting parenting agreements and dispute resolution in Qld. Our lawyers understand the impact that parenting disputes have on children, so focus on helping you resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

If you are going through a separation or divorce, please contact the family lawyers at The Legal House to create a plan that works best for the unique needs of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors does the Court consider when determining who a child spends time with?

In determining who a child spends time with, the Court’s primary consideration is the best interests of the child. This includes the child’s safety, emotional and psychological well-being, and the nature of the child’s relationship with each parent. Other factors include the child’s views, depending on their age and maturity, the capacity of each parent to provide for the child’s needs, and the effect of any changes in the child’s circumstances. The Family Law Act 1975 outlines these considerations in detail.

What is the difference between a Parenting Plan and a Consent Order?

A Parenting Plan is an informal, written agreement between parents about the care of their children. It is not legally enforceable. In contrast, a Consent Order is a written agreement that is approved by the Court and is legally enforceable. While both documents outline parenting arrangements, the key difference lies in their legal enforceability.

How is 'equal and shared parental responsibility' defined and implemented?

Shared parental responsibility means both parents have an equal role in making decisions about major long-term issues affecting their children, such as education, religious and cultural upbringing, and health care. It does not mean that children spend equal time with each parent. This concept is implemented through parenting agreements or Court orders that specify how parents will share these responsibilities.


How can a child custody lawyer assist in cases of dispute or when parents cannot reach an agreement?

In cases of dispute or disagreement, a child custody lawyer can provide legal advice, represent a parent in Court, and assist in negotiating and drafting parenting plans or consent orders. They can also facilitate mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods to help parents reach an amicable agreement. If the case goes to Court, a lawyer will advocate for the parent’s interests while ensuring that the child’s best interests are prioritised.

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At the heart of our legal practice, you’ll find a team of exceptional family lawyers. Our commitment is unwavering: to stand by our clients through every step. Whether it’s through advising with insight, negotiating with finesse, mediating with sensitivity, or litigating with determination, we’re here to safeguard your interests. We blend expertise with empathy, ensuring that your journey through legal challenges is as smooth as possible.

Nick Harrison - family lawyer in Southport

Nick Harrison

Founder & Solicitor

garry podesta
21 January 2024
My sister and I were recommended by a friend in the legal fraternity to seek the services of The Legal House after the passing of our dear mother. Mum passed in April and her estate was a little complex as she had made her will in NSW and she passed away in QLD. Nick Harrison was there to take on the process and made everything very easy for us to be able to finalize mum's estate. It has been a very pleasing to meet with Nick on several occasions and was always very informative and trouble free, i would highly recommend the services of The Legal House to anyone in need of legal advice or help. Thanks, Garry.
Lesley Podesta
16 January 2024
In a distressing time, Nick has been a thoughtful and reassuring presence as we finalised Mum’s estate. He has been patient, considerate and completely professional. We have been delighted with his service - queries answered promptly and sensitively and great advice along the way. Would happily recommend him and his team.
Greg Aubort
19 December 2023
I can’t recommend Nick highly enough in terms of quality no-nonsense legal representation that cut through the grey and delivered results. The confidence that comes with an experienced lawyer is invaluable at critical times. Thankyou for your extreme professionalism, not only managing my situation from start to finish but also keeping momentum from both sides. Highly appreciated and highly recommended legal services.
Lesley Constandi
14 December 2023
We engaged The Legal House, in particular Nick Harrison, to sort out our wills and EPOAs. We had not made wills in the past and we had some complex issues, in our opinion, re inheritors. Nick made us comfortable from the start. Our initial correspondence was done via email, but once the nitty gritty had been worked out, we visited him in his rooms. Everything was done according to our wishes. Nick explained some legalities that we were unaware of, having not done this before, and helped us to arrive at the best solution, given our situation. We are extremely grateful and delighted with the outcome.
John Nalder
9 October 2023
Thanks to Nick and his team for a job well done, very knowledgeable and friendly, with great communication. Thanks again mate
Kate Osborne
18 September 2023
I recommended a friend and Nick was fantastic. He is responsive to the needs of both parties and went above and beyond in helping to resolve this issue with compassion and empathy.
David Einam
18 August 2023
Nick sorted out our issues promptly and at a reasonable cost
Logan O'Leary
15 August 2023
Nick Harrison was extremely good to work with, all questions I had were responded to very fast and easy to understand, any advise I needed he took the time and care to answer specific to my situation. He got the exact result I wanted, I will be referring Nick and The Legal House in the future. Thanks again for everything Nick, you were a great help, much appreciated.
hayley rubins
14 August 2023
I highly recommend Nick Harrison for his excellent service in all family matters. My case was very complicated and through it all Nick showed professionalism and was very efficient in his practice. He also showed compassion and understanding. Separations are not an easy thing to go through. Having an experienced expert to support you for each circumstance throughout the proceedings makes a big difference in managing your stress. I felt very fortunate to have his reliable advice and support during a difficult time.

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